We Offer the
Complete Website Package

Every quality website needs three elements.
Ark Web offers them all.


We will house your website for you safely and securely. Hosting includes space for your website, email accounts and options to install platforms like WordPress easily with 1-click.


We provide a personalised approach to creating websites using tailored-made designs, and the latest technologies and services. Ark Web has the knowledge, experience and tools for your web project to be up and running in no time.


Maintaining your website is incredibly important. You wouldn't want to invest in building a website to only find it being hacked or spammed. Our packages provide a host of services to keep your website up-to-date.

Choose All or Any of the Three Services

Whilst various companies offer three services in different combinations (e.g. some companies offer only web hosting whilst others only offer website creation and website maintenance), Ark Web offers all three but should you only need one or two of these services, you’re not tied in to purchasing all three.

Why Choose Ark Web

Ark Web was built by professional web developers who wanted to provide more for their customers. Through a combination of excellent customer service and competitive prices, Ark Web has gone onto provide a simple website management company.